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Bespoke Projects

Timberstone, undertakes many varying projects, below we have listed a taster of what we have done in the past but this is not limited by what we could do for you in the future...

Timber and SawmillingSupply & installation of timber footbridges spanning up to 7 metres. These can be extended depending on the site conditions and can incorporate footsteps and handrails where required in almost any remote area.

Timber and SawmillingInstallation of a traditional composting toilet, based on many Scandinavian, Canadian and North American designs.

Timber and SawmillingTraditional log cabin repairs and construction, a skill learnt following a years work experience in Norway, where this tradition dates back to the 2nd Century. Work has included returfing sections of roof, repair of traditional gutters, chains and turfboards, foundation stonework and replacement of rotten logs.

Timber and SawmillingWorked with the designer to implement new viewpoint on local nature reserve.

PaddingtonOccasional chainsaw sculpture made to order, bears are our favourite!