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Timber Framing

Timber framing is an ancient building technique used for hundreds of years in a variety of buildings from houses to churches and even cattle sheds. By its very nature, it is a skill which requires the touch and feel of a craftsmans hand, whilst its use of nearly raw material and sustainability, provide a sense of permanence. The work of the craftsman remains visible to feel and touch for all those that enter its space for many generations.

Traditionally oak is used for timber framing, but historically whatever was available to the carpenter at the time would have generally been used. At TimberStone, we tend to use locally sourced timber such as douglas fir, milled on our Woodmizer sawmill. However, for a more affordable option, we can use scots pine, larch and spruce which give as much visual impact as oak.


TimberStone boasts its own sawmilling facility incorporating a Woodmizer LT 15 sawmill. This enables us to convert any type of timber from round log to sawn timber, most notably in sizes and materials not available from your local timber merchants.

All our timber is sourced locally, much from our own woodland. We also pride ourselves on the eco benefits afforded by the sawmill which enables us to convert the wood onsite into any manner of product, from a 6 metre span footbridge to a timber frame or small wooden gift.

On larger projects our timber of choice is predominantly larch and douglas fir, favouring spruce on smaller projects such as small gifts. For indoor furniture the preference is for the more expensive hardwoods when available such as oak, elm, birch and beech but scots pine is a good low cost alternative for some of our pieces.