Timber Stone | Specialist Traditional Timber Services Scotland
Timber Stone is a unique company that specialises in forest management and the design and creation of specialist traditional timber and stone products

Dry Stone Dyking Scotland | Forestry Management Scotland
Iain Ballantyne was originally set on a career in forestry management in Scotland, but his ambitions expanded when he became interested in dry stone

Timber Stone

Timber Stone Scotland Gallery | Aberdeenshire Wood and Stone Craft
Have a look at the Timber Stone Scotland gallery featuring the best of Aberdeenshire wood and stone craft.

Dry Stone Walling Scotland | Drystane Dyking Scotland
Dry Stone Walling or Drystane Dyking as it is known in Scotland is a skill that takes practice to master. The outcome are the beautiful walls that you

Timber Framing Scotland | Sawmilling Aberdeenshire
At our Aberdeenshire workshop we use traditional building techniques such as sawmilling and timber framing which provide a sense of caraftmanship and

Custom Timber Products | Timber products Aberdeenshire
Timberstone, undertakes many varying bespoke timber projects, the most common being the supply and installation of timber footbridges.

Furniture and Wooden Gifts Aberdeenshire | Hand Crafted Timber
Buy beautiful furniture and wooden gifts from Timber Stone's workshop in Aberdeenshire. Timber is carefully hand crafted to create beautiful gifts.

Woodland and Forest Management in Scotland
A well managed forest is not only a growing asset but it enhances the surroundings and environment in which it sits.

Christmas Trees Aberdeenshire | Order Real Christmas Trees Scotland
Order real Christmas trees in Scotland and buy Aberdeenshire Christmas trees.